There is something about feeling part of the community you live in that makes life special for many of us. No matter how much or even how little time a person has, there is always an opportunity to join in and help. In our part of Norfolk, the amount of fundraising, support for charities and volunteering, makes a huge difference to so many others. What’s more, there are so many different types of event that folk can choose to do something, attend an event or give their time to support a project that they can relate to.

During April two events were held which were diverse in nature but bound by the common goal of raising funds for worthy causes. On April 26 poetry fans met at St Edmunds Church Hall to enjoy a sumptuous supper and poems read by authors and audience members. This social evening attracted diners and poets who jointly raised an after-costs profit of £251. This amount was boosted through a bucket collection outside Tesco’s on the previous Sunday, which raised a staggering £350. Put together, the money has been given to the East African Famine Appeal and is a wonderful example of how a seaside town in Norfolk can positively impact on essential support given to people so far away.

Next, on Saturday April 28, the Blossom Day event at Hunstanton Community Hall, one stall raised £85. Both events were organised by local Rotarians and as you can see from the photos of the Poetry Evening, fun as well as fundraising became a welcome part of a social event.

If you would like to know more about how you can have a wonderful time and helping others whilst doing so, please call Richard Shaw on 07712 761511. Everyone is welcome to join in.

Springing into Fundraising - May 2017