Going Purple with Effort to Save Children Worldwide

You may be aware that the local Rotary Club works very hard to raise money largely for local causes that need financial or other forms of support. The donations list is long and over the years, tens of thousands of pounds has been donated to provide the extra support that the Club has been asked for. The Club is always willing to listen to any request for support and will do everything possible to provide it from within available funds. Right now, the Club would like to hear from any local club, organisation or resident trying to raise funds for a specific purpose. If you would like to put forward a request for a donation from the Club you should write to president@hunstanton-rotary.org.uk

In addition to contributing between £15,000 and £20,000 to local worthy causes, you may not know is the Club also plays its part in international and global issues too. One that is particularly dear to the heart of Members locally, and across the world, is the eradication of polio. Many of us of a ‘certain age’ may well have known someone who contracted this insidious disease during their childhood. For decades now there has been a global effort to eradicate Polio and reported numbers are down to well under 20 (2015 reports) but the rules of this particular “certification of a polio free world” are that there have to be three consecutive years during which there is not one single case. Sadly, the planet’s children are still at risk and that demanding requirement is not quite achieved; but it’s SO close.

The Rotary Club has quietly contributed since 1985 at the similarly high level as the World Health Organisation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Vaccination is key and to raise funds for the simple but effective anti-polio drops, the Hunstanton Club is also working hard to support the global project, which is called Purple4Polio. Why is it called this?

Because when a child is immunised each one has their little finger dyed purple after receiving the drops. So far 2 billion children have been inoculated and an estimated 13 million children saved from contracting the disease.

On Saturday, November 12th the Hunstanton Rotary is holding an evening of music and singing at Smithdon School, to raise funds for Purple4Polio. There will be a selection of music to appeal to a wide range of tastes, and performers will include the Hunstanton Community Choir, a ukulele group, the Trefoil Guild, junior school choirs, young instrumentalists and professional musicians. What a celebration of music which everyone can enjoy!

Tickets are only £5 per adult and £2 per child, with light refreshments too. Tickets can be bought in advance from Cherry Trees Chocolates in the High Street or purchased at the door on the Saturday

evening. Purple4Polio is also being supported with a mass planting of crocus corms in public spaces by Hunstanton’s Rotarians, as well as Purple Crocus boutonnieres being offered for sale. You can also find out more via www.hunstanton-rotary.org.uk.

You are invited to come along to the evening of music and singing, for fun and fundraising. Your support would be much appreciated.

Music Evening 2016

Purple for Polio

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