Hunstanton Rotary’s 40th Charter Night

Rotarian Mark Sexton and Matthew Preston, right

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A black-tie celebration has been held to mark the 40th anniversary of a charter being granted to the Hunstanton and District Rotary Club. District Governor Derek Rothwell and the mayor of Hunstanton James Johnson were the guests of honour at the event at Heacham Manor last Wednesday.

Photo from left: Sue Shaw, President Richard Shaw  Inner Wheel President Coral Campbell, District Governor Derek Rothwell and Deirdre Rothwell.  

Lynn News Oct 2016


In his opening speech, president Richard Shaw described the club’s three major objectives and seven smaller goals for the year ahead and thanked members and Inner Wheel for their commitment  to the organisation. He said:Twenty-five years ago polio struck 350,000 children each year and thanks to the work of Rotary and others, there were only 74 cases last year.“At a local level we are working with other organisations, especially Inner Wheel, and are also looking to the future with young people. “Smithdon School is creating a bond with Rotary and an Interact Club is being formed.“Our club is growing  too,and currently one new member is joining each month. Long may it continue!”

“Rotary is changing the world through the End Polio Now campaign, Rotary has driven the fundraising and now we are ‘this close’ to a polio free world.




The Rotary Club of Hunstanton & District has taken immediate action to respond to an international appeal for Shelter Boxes.  Shelter Boxess are organised by an emergency event response charity of the same name. Within hours of receiving an email from Shelter Box’s Chief Executive, Chris Warham, the Club consulted its Members and it was agreed that £590 would be provided so that a Shelter Box could be donated to the Europe-wide effort to help displaced and distressed people. It is already known that well over 200 lives have been lost, with many more thousands of people injured and homeless. In the aftermath of such a tragic event, providing a basic home, tools and supplies is essential to avoid an already dreadful situation becoming even worse for those who need immediate aid.Each Shelter Kit contains a selection of materials including toolkits, ropes, fixings and heavy duty tarpaulins that can be used to make emergency shelters, repair damaged building and are customised to suit the location they will be distributed in.  Other items such as solar lights, mattresses and water containers offer people the basic essentials to provide shelter until further action can be taken to return them to or rebuild their homes.. Richard Shaw MBE, who is President of the Rotary Club of Hunstanton and District said, “Everyone who has seen the news coverage of the Italian earthquake will immediately want to help. We must all be saying to ourselves, what would we do if we were in the same awful situation.  Our Club was asked for help and immediately responded with a donation to buy a Shelter Box which will be ‘on the ground’ within hours. Most of our funds are used locally to support deserving causes, organisations and individuals but, as Rotary is an international organisation, it is sometimes essential that we provide what we are asked for, for situations that are further afield – in this case a Shelter Box to go where it is needed in Italy.”

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