CLUB MEETINGS 2015/16     Type of Meeting                        Speaker

Week  1 July 1st                                        Council/Business  

Week  2 July 8th                                       Fellowship  

Week  3 July 15th                                     Fellowship                    Richard Shaw - Honours System

Week  4 July 22nd                                    Fellowship  

Week  5 July 29th                                     No Meeting  

Week  6 August 5th                                  Council/Business  

Week  7 August 12th                                Fellowship  

Week  8 August 19th                                Fellowship                     

Week  9 August 26th                                Fellowship                     Presentation :Youth Mental Health Conf.

Week  10 September 2nd                        Council/Business  

Week  11 September 9th                        Fellowship                      Janet North - 'Break' Kings Lynn

                 September 13th    Sunday      Social Garden Party  -   Peter Brooke's

Week  12 September 16th                      Fellowship  

Week  13 September 23rd                      Fellowship  

Week  14 September 30th                      Charter Night  (Kings Head)       DG Dorothy Pulsford-Harris  

Week  15 October 7th                             Council/Business  

Week  16 October 14th                          Mock Interviews  

Week  17 October 21st                           Fellowship                       Sandringham Explorers

Week  18 October 28th                          Fellowship  

Week  19 November 4th                        Council/Business  

Week  20 November 11th                      Fellowship                  Topic : Refugee Crisis

Week  21 November 18th                      Mock Interviews  

Week  22 November 25th                     Mock Interviews

Week  23 December 2nd                       SGM  

Week  24 December 9th                        Xmas Lunch  

Week  25 December 16th                     Fellowship                       Perfleet Trust - Jo Rust

Week  26 December 23rd                     No Meeting  

Week  27 December 30th                    No Meeting  

Week  28 January 6th                          Council (10.30am) /No Business Meeting

Week  29 January 13th                        Fellowship                           RYLA - John Smith

Week  30 January 20th                        Fellowship   

Week  31 January 27th                        Partners Evening                Presentation - Moving the injured

Week  32 February 3rd                        Council/Business  

Week  33 February 10th                     Fellowship                        Lend With Care - Smithdon High School

Week  34 February 17th                     Fellowship                         Shoe Boxes - Stephen  Andrews

Week  35 February 24th                     Fellowship  

Week  36 March 2nd                          Council/Business  

Week  37 March 9th                           Awareness Event 7pm Golden Lion

Week  38 March 16th                         Fellowship                            Deaf Association   

Friday  March 18th                             Presidents Night                   Kings Head

Week  39 March 23rd                        Fellowship  

Week  40 March 30th                        Fellowship                             

Week  41 April 6th                             Council/ AGM /Business  

Week  42 April 13th                           1st Fellowship Evening Meeting

Week  43 April 20th                           Fellowship                                DGE Derek Rothwell

Week  44 April 27th                          Poetry Evening

Week  45 May 4th                            Council/Business  

Week  46 May 11th                          Fellowship  - Evening Meeting

Week  47 May 18th                         Club Assembly                               DG Dorothy Pulsford-Harris

Week  48 May 25th                         Fellowship  - Evening Meeting

Week  49 June 1st                            Council/Business  

Week  50 June 8th                           Fellowship  - Evening Meeting

Week  51 June 15th                         Fellowship  -                           Presentation Pandora Project

Week  52 June 22nd                        Fellowship  - Evening  Meeting  Presentation  - John Taylor ‘INTERACT ‘

Week  53 June 29th                         Change-over Night  - Le Strange Arms Hotel


Social Events