Sri Lanka Orphanage

After the Tsunami hit Sri Lanka, thousands of children were left as orphans. Phil Mayer, one of our members, had recently visited the island, and had established contacts with the Dambulla clubs. We talked to them, and with their help decided to expand the local orphanage.

We held  two street collections and then obtained a matching grant from The Rotary Foundation,which was sent to the orphanage via the Rangiri Dambulla club.This was used to increase the capacity of the orphanage, and instal computer and internet facilities to train the children.

The Club followed this with a visit to the orphanage early in 2008 to see the project at first hand. The orphans there loved cricket, and when Club members visited , they took cricket paraphernalia to give to them. The long-lasting result of the extra funding from The Rotary Foundation meant that the local villagers, as well as the children, could also use the computers gifted by Rotary. The funding has paid for an extension to the orphanage and in financing the digging of a well, which would also available to the local people in times of drought.They grow their own veg, keep bees and are virtually independent, despite their numbers(50). The children are also educated in the 3 Rs and aptitude in various skills such as carpentry, computers and calligraphy.